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Aika is my sister's best friend. She often comes to our house to visit and the two of us are getting closer and closer. One day, while my sister was away, Aika suddenly asked me to have sex, and our secret relationship began from then on. Even though later on, when Aika had a boyfriend and I had a girlfriend, we both still maintained this secret relationship. I've always had my feelings for her, but it seems like she's not like me. Tomorrow is the day of her wedding, it seems like this relationship of ours has come to an end. She suggested we both fuck each other one last time, but I still hoped things wouldn't turn out like that. When I witnessed my sister and her boyfriend kissing in front of our house, I understood that my sister and I would never have results. Sincerely bless you and your soon-to-be husband.

PRED-427 Fuck me before going to study abroad

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