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Satsuki Mei is a weather forecast host. Today the program will be filmed in a rural area, which is suffering from a record heavy snowfall. Satsuki Mei is sitting and doing makeup and talking to her boyfriend. The two have to hide this relationship because Satsuki Mei is currently in the early stages of her career. Because she was a newbie, Satsuki Mei didn't think she would have to go out in such cold snow, and as a result, she was scolded by the director. Looking at Satsuki Mei's seductive body, he could only swallow his saliva. After finishing filming, the whole team planned to return to Tokyo but unfortunately, due to the heavy snowfall, the entire plane could not take off. There was no other way, everyone had to find a hotel to spend the night in this place.

DASS-105 Raped a female MC while on television

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 Movie Code: DASS-105 

 Movie Studio: das 

 Actor: Satsuki Mei 

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