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Uta is a new employee at the company. She is dating Satou, her senior and colleague. Because the company prohibits love between employees, the two had to hide their love story, but that secret was also accidentally heard by Uta's department head. Uta's department head is a lewd middle-aged uncle who likes to sexually harass others. He constantly touched Uta's butt every chance he got, making her feel disgusted and not want to get close to him. But things didn't go as she wanted, this time she was assigned to go on a business trip with two superiors, and one of them was the department head she hated so much. After finishing discussing work, the three of them went out to drink together. She ordered a light lemon wine, but the manager secretly told the owner to change to a stronger lemon wine. He also continuously plied her with alcohol, causing her to quickly get drunk and fall asleep. When she woke up, Uta found herself with her head's cock stuffed into her mouth, her clothes being taken off, revealing her giant breasts and chubby pussy! The department head also recorded a video of this scene and threatened to post it online if she did not obey. But his big and long cock combined with his skillful skills made Uta climax over and over again, she gradually forgot everything, even when he sent a video of the two fucking each other to her boyfriend, Uta did not. cares, she just wants to fuck with the department head, enjoy the pleasure he brings...

SSIS-386 The perverted bosses and the unlucky secretary with big breasts

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 Movie Studio: S1 NO.1 STYLE 

 Actor: Uta Hayano 

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