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In the summer of my second year of college, because I was not used to living in the city and had to write a report about the countryside, I decided to go to my aunt's house. Here I met my cousin Tsubasa, whom I secretly loved since I was a child. She is now married, but because her husband had an affair, she left her parents' house for half a year. She is still so beautiful and seductive, her beautiful face and plump body, that deadly seductive scent. She also wasn't wearing underwear, so I could see her round, bean-shaped breasts. Today was a festival, everyone was not at home, looking at her in her yukata getting wet from the rain made me feel like I was losing my mind. I rushed to make love and ejaculated all the way inside her uterus. And from then on we understood each other better, I wanted to replace her bastard husband who dared to have an affair to bring her happiness. My sister and I can have sex anywhere, even if our aunt and uncle are by our side.

IPX-727 My sexy cousin

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 Movie Studio: Idea Pocket 

 Actor: Tsubasa Amami 

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